CAD Systems

OmegaCAD programs run under Windows (Windows 7, 8.1, 8.2,10) operating systems. To use the OmegaCAD systems below, no other design software is needed

OmegaCAD Base package

It is a 2D CAD system running under Windows operation system. This system can be used and learned easily and suitable for solving a lot of different tasks. It can be extended by adding different modules to the base system, which makes it even more efficient. In this way we have developed special design systems. It is also possible to develop systems satisfying special, unique demands. For general tasks the Base package is recommended.

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Heavy-current electrotechnical design system. OmegaCAD ELEKTRO is an electrotechnical design system. It is for the producing complete documentation of electric equipment of high complexity, or for transferring of existing documentation into computer systems. The program package is based on IEC 750 and DIN 40719 standards. Its easily handable menu system, messages and error messages, error-recognising routines provide efficient help in all phases of planning. The system extensively supports the creating part of the design process, while it performs by itself the algorithmisable tasks [numbering of terminal blocks, allocation of cables and cable cores, producing of fitting plans from current-path layouts, producing tables, etc.]. Its intelligent component-part searching procedures [ searching for sub-units, cable cores, terminal blocks] give support for the operation and trouble shooting.

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Sample drawings made with the system OmegaCAD ELEKTRO

The plan sheets of the First plan and the inspection of the identification system pdf