IEC 61850

The OmegaCAD is prepared to manage the secondary substations with IEC 61850 communication protocol.

The main point of the OmegaCAD ENGINEER IEC 61850 system is to integrate the design and documentation of the traditional secondary design technology with the new digital technology.

Phases of the planning process:


  • - Single line plan creation referring to the whole object
  • - Automatic generation of the SSD (System Specification Description) file from the single line plan
  • - Functional block design for certain fields
  • - The functions of the protection and control engineering equipments can be defined
  • - IEC 61850 GOOSE message definition with graphical view
  • - Logical equation view of the digital devices
  • - Link logical equations input point to input sign source
  • - Communication network view from SCD file
  • - IEC 61850 system integrator with SCD export