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A: - Projects handling

  • The system can handle 256 logical field per project, and 256 fitting places with 32 panel per field.
  • Handling of the project common plan sheets.
  • 512 logical circuit diagram-pages for each record.
  • Archiving projects, fields in batch mode using compression.
  • Copying fields.
  • Prescription of the headers of plan pages, handling of make-ups.
  • Possibility for printing in batch mode. Print control.
  • Standardised alphanumeric marking of the group identifying marks.
  • Plan registry creation in graphical or txt format.

B: - Main database handling

  • Handling of the database structure: at central level, at level of workplaces and at the level of projects.
  • Transferring database elements and parts among databases with different level.
  • Database of devices.
  • Database of cables.
  • Database of terminal.
  • Database of other materials.
  • Data for budget and material.
  • Database of current path plans, frames and pictographs.
  • Database of dispositional plans.
  • Database of single line plans.
  • Editing of user page formats.
  • Listing the contents of databases in plain text and in graphical format.

C: - Current path planning

  • Producing and editing of single line covering pages.
  • Automatic production of the content of the current path function.
  • Selection and prescription of nominal data of devices.
  • Handling of panel-type fitting places. Changing the properties of fitting places.
  • Possibility of sorting the fitting places.
  • Possibility of selection of the applied terminal block types from the terminal database.
  • Handling of 32 terminal block per fitting place.
  • Handling of binding points.
  • 256 bus wire per field. Bus wire ordering.
  • Possibility of changing type-, and plan sings for devices.
  • Direct cable numbering possibility.
  • Possibility of short circuiting and railing the terminal blocks.
  • Page operations: inserting, exchanging, deleting pages.
  • Block operations.
  • Searching, identifying operations for parts of devices, cable cores, terminals.

D: - Plan evaluation and listing module

  • Producing device tables, cable tables in graphic format.
  • Automatic optimalisation, numbering and cross reference creation of terminal blocks.
  • Automatic assign of cable core and cable numbers.
  • User regulation of the arrange order of terminal blocks and cables.
  • Evaluation of cable cross references.
  • Evaluation of device cross reference.
  • Evaluation of binding points.
  • Sorting out of devices according to fitting places.
  • Recording and withdrawing of the analysis results.
  • Prescribing evaluation options.
  • Handling of the evaluation log and error log.

E: - Dispositional plan creation

  • Cabinet type selection.
  • Placing of the sorted devices.
  • Creating and placing of device lists independent from logical plans.
  • Producing device data sheets automatically.
  • Producing terminal block data sheets automatically.
  • Producing dispositional size of terminal block.
  • Adjusting scale by the user.

F: - Single line plans creation

  • Placing of single line database symbols.
  • Set devices, automatic maintenance of device records.
  • Transformation of sysmbol-devices. Changing of planmarks, type and symbols on devices.
  • Multilayer editing.
  • Page operations. Inserting, changing, deleting pages.
  • Search for devices on the single line plans.

G: - Fitting plans creation

  • Producing device connection plan pages automatically.
  • Producing terminal block connection plan pages automatically.
  • Placing of devices with terminal block properties on any terminal block.
  • Changing of the place of terminal block short circuits, buses, lamellas, device-, and cable-connections after automatic saving, or analysis.
  • Producing terminal block data sheets.
  • Producing automatically cable connection plan pages with marking the connection side.
  • User formed binding point-lists for potential and chain points.
  • Generate wire list automatically.
  • Generate alphanumerical table of wire connections automatically in dBASE format.
  • Generate fitting plans at once to every fitting place.

H: - Cable plot planning module

  • Collecting cables for laying on the plot plan from the selected part of the project.
  • Setting cables paths on the plot plan. Divided cable channels and bars.
  • Placing fitting places on the plot plan. Maintaining display attributes. Inherit attributes. Maintaining attribute templates.
  • Setting up cable comb attributes. Maintaining attribute templates. Placing cable combs on the plot plan.
  • Analysis of designed cable plot plan. Error checking and logs.
  • Generating cable combs in tables behind the sheets of the plot plan
  • Generating cable channels segments behind the sheets of the plot plan
  • Substituting the cable data of the theoretical plan with the calculated cable lengths
  • Attributes of analysis and parametrization
  • Automatic control of placing cables to cable channels according to the alphanumerical identifier of the cables.
  • Placing cables to cable channels according to explicit user selection.
  • Automatic or explicit cable path selection.

I: - Cable planning module

  • Cable table by fitting places.
  • Producing summerize lists about the cables of the project.
  • Summarisation according to cable types.
  • Producing summerize lists on cable end and thimbles.
  • Graphically generated cable plan sheets.

J: - Material and budget list creation

  • Producing devices and cables dBASE lists.
  • Automatic sorting out devices and cables from the project.
  • Producing budget and material list to fitting places, fields, projects according to user calssifications.
  • Producing device and cable lists independently from the project.
  • Graphically generated material list sheets.

K: - General module for handling and editing technical drawings

  • Drawing registry. Handling of continuing pages.
  • Placing of any database-element on the drawings. (current path, single line symbols, dispositional outline drawings for devices and cabinets).
  • Any scale for any page.
  • Semiautomatic dimensioning.

L: - Plan registry sheets generation

  • Generating plan registry list of selected part of the project.
  • Attaching third party documents to project documents.

M: - Dbase listing module

  • The listing of the project's devices in dBase file.
  • The listing of the project's cables in dBase file.
  • The listing of the project's terminals in dBase file.

Sample drawings made with the OmegaCAD ELEKTRO

Sample plans made with the OmegaCAD ELEKTRO:

The plan sheets of the First plan and the identification system printed in PDF pdf
Plan sheets of the sample plan printed in PDF pdf
Plan sheets of the dispositional plan printed in PDF pdf